Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Orleans, September 2010

Connecting in Memphis with a brief stay in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 A short drive brought us to the unique city of New Orleans
and the Place d'Armes Hotel in the French Quarter.
We took a bus tour of the Lower Ninth Ward, infamously destroyed by
Hurricane Katina in 2005 and now painfully and slowly being rebuilt.

Jackson Square

A swamp tour introduced us to a Cajun Captain,
who introduced us to alligators, and a boat named Helen
We had a brief walk-around in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 (est. 1854).

Cafe Du Monde is a must-stop for Cafe Au Lait
and the powder-sugared, world-famous beignets.
There's so much to see and do in New Orleans that you will be 
hard-pressed to find a reason not to return again and again.

Delicious creole breakfast!
We were sorry to leave.
New Orleans City Tour Video
Some people of New Orleans posted next...

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