Thursday, August 22, 2013

Korean Folk Village - Gyeonggi-do, 4/5/12

Our two hosts, Steve and Mr. No's Number Two Son (yes, that is how he was introduced), took us to this historic Korean Village, which was obviously a popular tourist stop, even off-season.
What's entitled "Farmers' Music and Dance" took place with very energetic performers. Immediately afterward, Steve dragged both of us into the arena to have our pictures taken with the performers.
 An acrobat was up next complete with a warning sign and a large audience.
A traditional wedding ceremony was then performed, and again I was pulled into the action :-)
It's a lovely setting, and we enjoyed lunch here as well except that I almost required the Heimlich maneuver because of the octopus in the bibimbop. Thankfully, I managed on my own :-)
On our way back to Seoul, we spotted this restaurant and had to stop. Being of Dutch heritage, we were intrigued to find out if the restaurant served the deep-fried, powder sugar coated dough considered a special treat in many dutch homes on holidays.
And, no they didn't. But it was a fun stop nonetheless with the bean paste pastry and a cooking class for children.
 Next, we take an afternoon walking tour of Seoul.

Korean Folk Village Performance Video

Sunday, August 18, 2013

From Hong Kong on to Seoul, Korea - 4/4/12

We caught a bus and then a train to Hong Kong airport for our flight to Seoul, which took the better part of the day.

We checked in at the Lotte Hotel and made our way to a Korean Barbeque for dinner (Miniani), complete with Soju.
 I still have this apron :-)
We had time after dinner for a stroll around the streets and
a very active street scene it was.
 Tomorrow we have a visit scheduled to a traditional Korean Village.

Hong Kong Island Day Tour, Part 3 - Stanley Market - 4/3/12

As on every guided tour everywhere, there is the requisite retail stop. I have no idea what the financial arrangements are between tour companies and retail operations but this afternoon we were treated to another jewelry store. It ended up being interesting because I had a nice conversation with a clerk (wanting to practice his English) about the store caricatures, and also snagged some photos of our tour guide and a fellow tourist.
 Patiently waiting...
 Two cell phones...
Our final stop was Stanley Market, which was a fascinating place. I bought two sketches from a local artist, walked to the waterfront and back, and waited for the bus back to Kowloon. Tomorrow morning we head for Seoul.