Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beijing, Day 1, Part 2 - 3/30/12

Just before lunch, we were treated (forced) to stop in a Chinese herbal clinic, where we received a very fine neck massage but didn't go for an herbal purchase.
After our lunch (during which one of the women from California stated that the only good dish we were served was the sweet and sour chicken, and it needed salt - oy vey), we visited the beautiful, non-denominational, and well-guarded, Temple of Heaven.
After another commercial visit to a pearl store (wish I had bought those pink pearls),
we enjoyed a breezy walk on the Summer Palace grounds.
Saw "The Helen's house" on the way home, and enjoyed pigeon
and other good things for dinner at Sunshine Kitchen.

 Temple of Heaven Video

Summer Palace Video 

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