Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hamburg Germany, June 2010

We had a few days in Hamburg before heading to Berlin and did a bit of walking about.

The city is all relatively new since it was obliterated in World War II.
One of the surviving buildings is the magnificent Rathaus, the townhall.
A bomb that did land outside the structure didn’t go off, and the faulty
detonator is on display in the hall. Tours
are given daily and are well worth your time.
There are some nice cafes and restaurants but mostly the area is filled with very expensive clothing stores with all the character of the usual national/international chain stores.
We took a canal boat tour that unfortunately for us was in German with no translations. But the trip along the canal was beautiful and we enjoyed it. Here’s a short video that you’ll appreciate more if you understand German :). At the very end you can see a small tent city at a bridge.
A festival was going on our last day in the city and that was our final, fun taste of Hamburg.

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