Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heading for Rome~ 4/1/14

We had an ungodly flight time of 6am so arrived at the airport at 4:30am to find that our flight was delayed. Grrr... And nothing at the airport opens until 5:00am. We finally got our coffee and continued to watch for updates. We expected our plane would be there but it didn't arrive until 7:45. Very weary passengers disembarked, all taking their blankets with them, and we heard one mutter about the flight from hell. We're not sure what happened but our 6am flight turned into 8:30am. No matter, at least we were taking off, and with a huge layover in Atlanta we didn't worry about making our connection.
About an hour and a half later we arrived in Atlanta, facing a 5 hour layover. Sky Club here we come.

We first parked ourselves in a recommended Sky Club with an outdoor deck - nice. Getting there felt like we were walking through a mall.

We changed locations after a while and found ourselves at a window watching a recently landed plane being unloaded. With hours to kill, we were easily entertained. And interestingly, this turned out to be our plane to Rome :-)

Another flight delay finally found us leaving Atlanta at 5:30pm. We were happy to be on board to get settled for the 7 or so hour flight.
Settling into our cubicles and enjoying Mimosas.

Finally, take off!
Onboard treats, movies, and the flight tracker helped us mark the time. Lord knows we couldn't sleep between the very rough flight and the chatting magpie air stewards.

Hello Italy!

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