Thursday, March 27, 2014

Antelope Slot Canyon ~ 9/27/13

This was our last full day in Page, Arizona, and we spent a few hours touring Antelope Sot Canyon. It was beautiful. And other than our tour guide informing us that they occasionally get 5 minute warnings to vacate due to flash floods, it was a worthwhile trip. Before we drove off, we were treated to a Native American hoop dance which was very cool but in a ridiculous setting in an old gas station. Can't find a picture to save my life but probably just as well as I found the backdrop less than respectful of this great heritage. But here are the canyon photos.
The tour was a little clogged with other tours, and hearing about the five minute flash flood warning made us panic a little as we headed back through the canyon to the parking lot but we survived the dusty jeep ride back to live another day.

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