Saturday, March 15, 2014

Monument Valley ~ 9/25/13

After we finished at Area 51 (see previous post), we drove to Page, Arizona, to our hotel on the Lake Powell Reservoir. It was a long but beautiful ride.
By the time we arrived, it was dark so we couldn't check out the hotel view until morning.  The hotel photo promised this:
When we awoke in the morning, this view from the hotel was nowhere to be had. We had to walk down past the parking lot to see the canyon. It was stunning nonetheless but such false advertising. But today we were headed for the iconic Monument Valley, a favorite setting of movie director, John Ford. The drive there was also lovely.
Getting close ~
We finally arrived and it was an amazing place! It's run by the Navajo Tribe and the jeep tours into the valley looked inviting except that it was an incredibly windy day and tourists were coming back caked in dust. I couldn't see taking my camera in on a jeep tour and we tried a brief trip in our small rental car but had to turn back due to the very rough road.
The views here are incredible and we have to make a return trip to get into the valley.
The gift shop is filled with John Wayne souvenirs and the nearby Gouldings Lodge is chock full of movie memorabilia.
It's beautiful country and even if you are not a John Ford movie fan, it is extraordinary.

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