Sunday, April 22, 2012

Deadwood, South Dakota - September 2011

On a mission to see Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument, we picked the historic town of Deadwood to stay for two nights. It was not what we expected. Historic, yes, but every store front is now a casino. Opening itself up to casinos saved the town financially but ruined it otherwise. You can find some interesting bars to visit and a little retail but not much.
Kevin Costner fell in love with the area while filming "Dances with Wolves" (Spearfish Canyon), 
and bought a bar/casino in Deadwood. He filled it with his memorabilia
and shows up once in a while, many times not recognized, 
according to our server.
My favorite photo was of Kevin with the cast of "The Big Chill". He was
cut from the movie and appears only as a corpse.
Deadwood's biggest claim to fame is being Wild Bill Hickok's place of death, seriously. Holding the now known as dead man's hand, he was gunned down by Jack McCall in 1876. 

He's buried here in Mt Moriah Cemetery, along with Calamity Jane (she's another story).
It's worth one visit but not two. 

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