Sunday, April 29, 2012

Detroit to Tokyo, 3/22/12

The first leg of the journey - getting through the airport to the plane.
Always good to see pilots and even better, seeing the plane at the gate.
Flying in the bubble of the 747 was a bonus. There were 24 seats and three stewards. Champagne was served before take-off and a Japanese meal was served early in the flight. (A western selection was also available for those not ready to jump into Asian dining.)
(Shrimp and marinated fish with kelp roll, marinated spinach with tofu paste, smoked salmon with peanuts and asparagus.)

Then it was movie time, which, after sleep, is the best way to spend 13 hours on a plane. The Big Year, 30 Minutes or Less, Tower Heist, and Crazy Stupid Love helped pass the time, and no snakes or other event marred the flight. Next up - Tokyo, Day 1. 

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