Sunday, April 29, 2012

Outer Markets of Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo - 3/24/12

The blocks surrounding the renowned fish market are a cornucopia of interesting shops and restaurants, all along very narrow streets. It's a fascinating place to walk and shop.

But it's very crowded, and I was disconcerted by people bumping into me with no regard and no mumbled reciprocal 'pardon me', 'excuse me', in Japanese, English, or any other language. Someone told me later on to stop excusing myself because no Asians say it or expect it. There's just too many people and they'd be saying it non-stop. Lesson learned.
Most of all, I loved the small restaurants tucked into alleys and doorways. No national chains here, my food-loving friends.
So if you go to Tokyo, be sure to take a day to stroll this area. The sights, sounds, and smells will amaze you. And don't worry about saying 'excuse me' when you bump into someone. 
Three minute video of the Tsukiji Fish Market and the Outer Markets

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