Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cape Cod, MA - May 2012

Our road trip out East started with Cape Cod, and on Memorial Day weekend. Yes, that's what we did :-)

We've been here several times before to see the sights and visit with our family, and this trip  was no different. Most of our activities centered around food and family.
We've been to Nantucket, twice, so no need to go again. Same goes for Plymouth Rock and Boston (although Boston should really be a trip in itself). But we did find some picturesque places close to home.

This lighthouse did its best to light up a foggy night.
And we visited two Grist mills, the first in Sandwich, Dexter's Gristmill.
We also visited Brewster's Stony Brook Gristmill, with its newly refurbished wheel.
Both places have lovely millponds, which were perfect for some stealth photography.
Oops, busted...
We visited a herring run that posted some dire warnings, and we also caught a herring (on film).
We drove down to the beach to see what we could see.
We then said goodbye to the peaceful tranquility of the cape and headed for New York City.
Bottoms up!

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