Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Northern Michigan, Part 2 of 3 - 6/28/13

With additional family members now in tow, we headed out to wander the Leelanau Peninsula. Our first stop was Northern Latitudes Distillery in Lake Leelanau. Mojitos and Bloody Marys were in order :-)
After buying some Bloody Mary mix, we drove on to Omena and found Leelanau Cellars, beautifully situated on the water and a lovely setting for wine tasting.
With a case of wine between us in the trunk, we headed for Northport. There's not a whole lot to the town, but it has a wonderful lakeshore and a historical lighthouse in a beautiful park-like setting.
We took advantage of the beach setting to take some family pictures.
Cute kids :-)
We looked for a place to eat lunch in Northport and found this interesting place, converted from an old garage.
Fishtown in Leland is not to be missed on any trip up north. Being designated as a historic landmark, it will never be re-developed into high priced homes or condos. Still operating as a commercial fishing village, Fishtown maintains all of the old, weathered shanties and very fresh fish can be purchased. 
We stopped for a snack and a beverage at The Cove ~
beer, whitefish dip, and a great setting.
Red phone booths are not limited to London and there are a few in Michigan, this one in Sutton's Bay.
Back in Glen Arbor, we met up with more family and enjoyed dinner at Cafe Manitou at the resort. Our waiter was charming and posed a puzzle for us, the question and answer of which I do not recall but apparently it was captivating :-)
Tomorrow is the wedding...

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