Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gyeongju/Busan, Part 1 of 2 - 4/6/12

We were up early in the morning to catch the high-speed train to Busan, and a few hours later we arrived.
Mr. Ma met us and drove us promptly to the precinct of Daeneungwon, which is filled with earthen mound tombs.
The grounds are beautiful this time of year.
This particular tomb was excavated and we could view some artifacts inside.
For lunch, we were treated to a traditional Korean meal in a lovely setting.
Some of Mr. Ma's employees joined us for lunch and seemed to be amused by our slight discomfort and having to sit cross-legged :-) Roy & I took turns stretching our legs out in front of us. Also precarious was the use of metal chopsticks and having to reach to the dishes to get your food; nothing was passed. But we managed adequately and quite enjoyed and appreciated the food and the setting.
 Next to the restaurant is Choe's Old House.
At the small shop on the property, Mr. Ma gifted us with plum wine to take home.

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