Thursday, February 13, 2014

Las Vegas 9/22/13 - 9/23/13

It's not on our top places for a vacation but a business trip brought us out there and we decided to extend the trip and visit Area 51, Antelope Slot Canyon Monument Valley, and the ever grand Grand Canyon. But first, Vegas. We checked in at the fabulous Wynn.

 Strict Rules.

 Weird to see an indoor ashtray, but hey, it's Vegas.

Before the business dinner at the country western bar, Gilley's, at Treasure Island, we strolled the streets.
Protesters on site ~ good luck with that.
The Bellagio is so excessive but irresistible, especially when the musical fountain plays Andrea Bocelli singing "Time to say Goodbye."
I don't know why people take the "canal" boat rides at the Venetian but, hey,  we did visit "Paris" on our previous visit. And inside the Venetian is kind of cool, have to admit, complete with Lady Gaga.
We had a drink outside of "Paris," made a note to visit Gordon Ramsey's restaurant next time around, and watched night fall. 
The business dinner at the crazy country bar, Gilley's, came complete with a riding bull that the bravest, or the most foolish, attempted. Otherwise it was a delightful evening, reconnecting with business friends, and ending up with a little video poker.
Tomorrow I have the day free to explore the more interesting Vegas.

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