Sunday, February 9, 2014

South Bend, Indiana ~ July 2013

This was our second trip to South Bend, both of them due to business. We join an associate and his wife who come up from Florida, and the two of us wives look to entertain ourselves during the day while a business meeting is taking place. Then that night, customer employees and us all have a dinner together that includes wives. Interestingly, as a group we have remarkable rapport amongst ourselves, surprising as how infrequently as we see each other. So long explanation to explain a visit to South Bend, a city pretty much noted for being the home of Notre Dame. Here are our partners in crime, meeting up the night before when we all arrived. (You'll see more of them this spring as we spend a week together in Tuscany.)
 So yes, here's Notre Dame in all its splendor.
Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, complete with holy drinking fountain.
 The best thing for me is always the inimitable touchdown Jesus.
We branched out last summer to look for other attractions and found the Studebaker Museum.
We also visited the Oliver Mansion, known as Copshaholm.

The very most interesting thing about driving here and back to Michigan is riding through Amish country.
And lastly, a few more pictures from the road, ending with a photo of what is probably the most evil corporation on earth. So, cheers?

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