Sunday, February 16, 2014

National Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas ~ 9/23/13

This museum was located back towards the hotel so from the Mob Museum, I grabbed a cab this time and arrived pronto.
It's an interesting conglomeration of bomb development and testing, life in the 1950s, and Area 51. Some exhibits were more interesting than others, but here's a smattering of the museum's contents, from the silly to the serious.
It's very striking how lightly people took the atomic bomb testings back then, even providing scenic overlooks.
And, the much more serious.
 Tests still continue but now underground ~ a little scary.
Ground Zero Theater allows visitors to experience a simulated bomb blast ~ more than a little scary.
There was a lot of scientific detail and information and, frankly, it was too much detail for me.
The last exhibit was Area 51, part factual and part fanciful, including the alien, but no photos were permitted inside.
Lastly, as always, was the gift shop, where the clerk was originally from Michigan :-)
This third stop of the day was my least favorite but it does have a few fascinating displays. Tomorrow we leave Vegas and head to the real Area 51.

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