Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Mob Museum, Las Vegas ~ 9/23/13

A few blocks away from Neon Boneyard Park, lies the Mob Museum, three stories chock full of artifacts and historical information ~ organized crime, wire tapping, prohibition, and much more.
Walk in and you are greeted by this gentleman.
The building is the old Federal Building and it contains the actual courtroom where Kefauver hearings were held back in 1950 & 1951. Las Vegas was 1 of the 14 hearing locations.
Picture of Virginia Hill of Bugsy Siegel fame during a hearing.
There is a lot of history about the early casinos.
The Museum acquired the St. Valentine's Day Massacre wall and show a short movie about that day back in 1929.
 It's a little macabre, but here's the wall nonetheless.
And while on macabre ~
More mob history ~
Another wall is devoted to famous movie mobsters.
 And naturally, the last stop on the museum tour is the gift shop.

Upon exiting, I saw this sign that on
another day might have tempted me.
But today I had one more stop to make,

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