Sunday, February 16, 2014

Neon Boneyard Park, Las Vegas ~ 9/23/13

I knew I'd have one free day in Vegas while Roy attended business meetings, so I did some advance research to see if there was anything to do that did not include gambling or pool lounging.  This place sounded interesting, so after breakfast, I started walking down Las Vegas Boulevard  for about a 5 mile hike to the museum. I knew there'd be interesting things to see along the way.
Getting close...
 And there it was, a couple of acres filled with old neon signs.
The Visitor's Center explained that one could view the "boneyard" only by taking a guided tour, but the next one was starting shortly. So the hour long tour began with a very informative but strict guide. We had to stay together, and on the path, and we did. She had bits of information about many of the signs that are mostly just jumbled there together with no particular rhyme or reason. So here are some photos taken in the boneyard, in no particular order, rhyme or reason.

By saving these signs, the museum is preserving part of Las Vegas history, so cheers to that.

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